Our Love Letters

Encouragement Challenge

About a week ago, we started an Encouragement Challenge Giveaway with a community group. We asked everyone to write a...

Notice of shipment delays to the United States

Due to the impact of snowstorms, mail delivery service (including airmail or express mail) will be subject to delay...

DIY: How to Apply Swarovski Rhinestones Diamond Pen

Our lovely friend at Shag Shoes Crystal gave our Diamond Pen a whole new bling look!  

Make Peace With Fear...

It’s already November! November is usually a very big emotional month for me, as I give myself a moment in time to re...

That 6 Letter Word

Hello Darlings,  September is the new January! As the season begins to change, we might naturally feel pulled in mult...

Have You Ever Felt That Way?

Hello Dear Friend!  Before I started this alleyMUSE journey, I was standing on the corner of this street in Shibuya,...
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