There is no flaw in you

"I have been starving myself", I told my counselor. She wanted to know since when and how did it start? We go through a series of questions, bringing me to a memory of my 10-year-old self, sitting alone inside the school's library with no friends.

My 31-year-old self is standing behind my 10-year-old self at the library door. I am watching her from far away.

My counselor asked, "Why are you standing so far away?"

Because I can't look at her in the face, knowing I never loved her at 10... I never loved myself then and now.

I had been starving long before I ever refused my first meal. 
Starving for praises from my mom, dad, and sister.
Starving for honest appreciations from people. 
Starving for love.

❤️ To those who are struggling with self-worth, I'm walking with you. Surrender and invite God in, to begin the healing, so that every single one of these days can be restored.

✨ “You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you" Solomon 4:7.

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