That 6 Letter Word

Hello Darlings, 

September is the new January! As the season begins to change, we might naturally feel pulled in multiple directions, perhaps asking, “What the hell am I doing with my life?” 

If you are feeling lost, you are not alone. From our last letter to you, we have invited you to share your journey with us. 

When we first started alleyMUSE, we wanted to bring something from our own experience that will truly add sparkle to someone’s routines of daily life.  

The same question always pop up every season  “If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?” 

Finish this sentence: 

I wish I finished _________.

I wish I started __________.

I wish I did _______   more, often, or like I used to.

Whatever it is, I challenge you to create something.

It doesn’t matter what the medium is, as long as you’re creating. Write. Draw. Cook. Dance. Plant. Clap Your Hands. 

We are not challenging you to be creative. We are inviting you to create. 

As we begin this journey, bring awareness to the process of creating yourself.

Last letter, we asked you: What inspires or lifts you? What would you love to be, have, or do? 

Write it all down, and lets be a community with 1 cause that align with our hearts and minds – to Create.


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