Thanking My Worst Moment

💜 Some days are good. Some days are manageable. Some days, you receive a phone call with news that shakes you. Or like me, you have been waiting for this one phone call.

This weekend, my husband didn't come home, and I was unable to reach him. Disappointment sank deep into the core of my heart that felt so tender and raw.

But God knew what I needed that day, he gave me the energy and strength to channel all my frustrations and anger at the gym with only 4 hours of sleep.

He measured the time that aligned with my mentor's schedule because He knows this woman of faith will build me up with His words and not her opinions. She's been on the same walk.

He gave me the opportunity to have dinner with my mom alone and to listen to an amazing podcast that it is time to find my passion again.

The Lord knows what we need each day when we express our trust in prayers. He's not going to tell you to man-up or build your ego, instead, he will carry you with grace. And one thing I learned from this experience is that I don't thank God enough in all the small and worst moments.

This post is an ode to God for his neverending love.

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