Reset Your Heart | Week Two

Here's week 2! Thank you to all those who shared their story from last week reflection, so that others may feel less shame in theirs. And I believe, in much the same way, God's heart is broken when he sees our pain and struggles. He has nail prints in His hand as the result of His suffering. This week, we will focus on what distracts us when it comes to decision-making. Distractions can reveal what we love and who we trust.

 Spiritual Distraction  

We all know how the old saying goes 'two wrongs don't make a right, but they make a good excuse'. But let's be real, how many of us consistently follow this 12-word quote when it comes to decision making? I know I've fallen prey to letting others make the decision for me more times than I can count. When we want answers fast, we desperately seek opinions from others including Instagram, websites, self-help books... but how true are they?

The story of king Nebuchadnezzar is a classic human error when we rely on the wrong source for advice. King Neb had a dream and called his advisors who are magicians and astrologers to interpret his dreams; however, no wise man, medium, magician, or diviner is able to make known to the king the mystery he asked about. But there is a God who reveals mysteries (Daniel 2:27). 

Daniel was the only one who could tell the king what his dream was and interpret it, because he went to seek God's counsel in prayers. If we know God has the answer key to solve our problems, can we go to him in confidence? Or are we going to seek the approval of others, who may not know what we need in this time and season? 

 God Wants You to Know  

  Reflection Questions 

  1. Think about your own life for a moment. Name something or someone that is currently distracting you from seeking God's direction first. 

  2. When do you have the most difficulty praying?

  3. What would a distraction-free life look like for you?

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  • What is distracting me from seeking God’s direction is when I’m sleep deprived and I just want to relax so I have to talk to him as soon as I get up when I’m refreshed before going to work.

    I have the most difficult time praying when I have a lot on my mind. My parents are older and I have a mentally challenged sister so the responsibility is for me to take care the three of them.

    A distraction free life for me is when I just sit and have a cup of tea and just meditate in my chair and no phone ringing and no other interruptions. It is just me and God at this time. I also like to be with nature, like going to the park and hear the birds sing or see the butterflies. This is a distraction free life as well.

    Dorene Howard
  • Sleep, tiredness , when I go to read I fall into the state of wanting to go to sleep . I fight this bad!
    The most difficult time for praying for me is when life throws so much at me at once and I feel like my prayers are unanswered, I feel like my prayers don’t go beyond the ceiling. And even as I write this I know that’s a lie from the enemy and I realize that but it is real to me and it does happen. I get through it! But I do have to fight that!
    A distraction free life to me, I would be getting a full eight hours of sleep and having the specific quiet place that I can go to to really get close to our Father, just like Jesus when he would go away to pray I like to go somewhere other than in my place of residence, I love to be outside sitting on the porch swing studying for example. As of today I am searching for that quiet place because I’ve moved in with my mother to help with her and I can’t seem to find that place yet, but I’m not giving up I will find it!!

    Stacie Jackson

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