Make Peace With Fear...

It’s already November! November is usually a very big emotional month for me, as I give myself a moment in time to reflect on how far I have grown…from 6 November years ago. 

Life can be sweet and strange! 

From my last letter, I’ve invited you to join me in finding the time to create and do something for yourself. 

And if you are like me, I get easily excited over new ideas and hobbies…

At the same time, the worry tank drives Fear into my head. 

“What if I suck?”

“What if this happens?”

“What If I do this… ?"

Instead, lets be friend with Fear. Lets take this moment in life to thank Fear.

Today, I ask you to make a list of failures in the fearless pursuit of creativity. Next to each failure, write down “I am empowered to work and serve without fear of failure.” 

Reading the list may make you feel happy, sad, angry, empowered -  while holding space for your own self healing.

Are you ready to make Peace with Fear? 

Lots of love,

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