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MEET LATARA: LaTara V. Bussey is a certified master life coach, soul care provider, entrepreneurial mentor, storyteller, and vision keeper.
After losing her business in 1997 and becoming homeless, LaTara went on an 11-year journey of depression, anger, bitterness, and un-forgiveness that taught her the value of soul prosperous living.
In February 2008, at her heaviest weight of 360 lbs, in the midst of an emotionally, mentally, and spiritually abusive relationship, with her kids in the next room, she tried to take her life.
LaTara's rock-bottom moment has enabled her to build back up again. She now writes books and speaks nationwide about a life not lived and the danger it causes. While most business lessons teach about making a profit, LaTara's mission is to help people operate their business without selling their soul.
What does women supporting women mean to you?

Women supporting women means that you learn how to remove self and celebrate your sister. It means to remove the need to compare or compete and learn how to collaborate and cooperate.

How do you start your day?

I start each day by having a conversation with God. I drink 20-30 ounces of water every morning before I drink coffee or eat breakfast. My breakfast is pretty simple but I can’t drink coffee on an empty stomach, so I grab a fig bar. I love simple routines. 

What does it mean to live a meaningful life?  

    Living a meaningful life means being true to God and yourself. Walk out the steps he has set because they are not burdensome. They are perfectly placed for your success and His glory. Every day take the time to do three things ready…live…laugh. They are truly game changers.

    What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

      I’m not sure what inspired me. My entrepreneurial journey has been so wild. I think I became inspired along the way. I’m inspired by the women I work with and what they do to see different happen in their lives. I’m inspired by their stories and in love with their hope and joy. Whenever they cry or laugh with joy, sharing with me about how good God has been and how they are learning how to fall in love with themselves, I gain energy I did know I could have. A part of the reason why my heart beats is because of who these women are and that inspires me every day.

      Has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you've had to overcome?

        Overall, it has not been an easy path, but it has been a worthwhile one. There is a great deal I had to overcome but the main thing was overcoming LaTara. I was in my own way and stopped my own success because of how I allowed my mind to fool me, based on how I felt about myself. As I did the work to change these emotional thought patterns, I learned a great deal about self-sabotage and how to work through it. Doing the work, helped me to face the challenges around finances and marketing woes.

        Where do you draw inspiration from?

        I draw inspiration in so many ways because life has so many wonderful facets to it. From my garden to a good movie to the food I cook, I get inspired by it all. For example, I love my garden because the sounds of nature inspire me to see how God works beyond the Word. So many times, we seek God in the Word, but God is not contained in the Bible. He inspired the writing of the message that Word spreads. He is in so many other spaces and is not limited in the pages of a book. Being inspired by my garden gives me insight into the limitless nature of God.

        How would you describe your personal style?

          I’m a Rock Soul kinda girl with a touch of class. I dig deep into the core of who I am and partner with the Holy Spirit to bring out the absolute best in me. I am a lover of music and R&B is my life-groove because it tells the story of the soul. When I think about Rock, I see freedom and the ability to just see yourself for who you are. The class part comes in because I am a woman of integrity and love is the foundation of all I do. It takes class to love well.

          What product would you seriously stockpile if you found out they weren’t going to sell it anymore?

            That’s a hard on because there are so many great products I love. I would have to say Pentel R.S.V.P. medium point pens. They are a staple in my daily life and must be with me at all times.

            Who should everyone be following right now?

              Shae Bynes because of her message of working with grace and learning to rest instead of always being on the move with a hustle and grind.

              What have you read or listened to lately that you've enjoyed?

                Music. It’s my muse.

                Push, Pull or Let go?

                  Push others into their greatness with love and truth.

                  Pull yourself out of the areas that have kept you trapped and locked in a self-imposed cage.

                  Let go of what’s not working and align with what is.

                  What words of encouragement do you have for someone who is in the waiting season?

                    While you wait you need to rest and destress, recover and redeem what was lost, receive what is meant for you and prepare. Waiting always means something is coming but your soul and mind have to be ready for what that “something” is.

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