Kindness In Your Battles

Your pain or anger may feel overbearing today or the same old problem may seem to be re-emerging.

Are you about to give up? 
Are you about to walk the other way? 
Or make a decision that you know it's not right?

God says, "Don't be afraid since I intend to show you kindness."

Kindness in the anxiety battle, the depression battle, the addiction battle or even relationship battle.

The lies of the world always bring pain but the truth of God will bring you peace and healing.

Find the courage to pray this prayer to God, because He is waiting for you there. He wants to make you victorious wherever you go.

"Heavenly Father, thank you for meeting me in the wilderness. Help me trust you with my pain, hurt, and anger. I know you intend to heal me and not hurt me. Let me place my faith and trust in you more deeply. I am ready to walk back to you. Amen"

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