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Help Me Change My Perspective

When the skies are shut and there is no rain, 
When we lost the map and went astray,
When rejection steals the best of you, 
May we choose to drop our ego, frustration, schedule, or hurt in front of him.

Last year, my nagging prayer to God is having a purpose and to be used by him - but I only thought of what the world would think purpose is: status, job promotion, financial freedom, charitable work.

While I thought those are the pillars of a successful life, God took me on a road trip to show me all the areas in my life that I needed to work on, such as learning to manage my finance (still working on this!) and giving Him full control of my schedule.

He didn't bless me with a world concert tour, instead, he gave me the opportunity to grow, learn, adapt, and experience Him on a whole new level.

If you're on the same road trip as me, can I reassure you that God is not withholding any blessings from you, He is simply preparing you to be ready for the real tour.

I hope you find comfort in his decisions and time for you, and I pray you will choose to experience HIM and not worldly experience - though I am still working on this too.

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