Encouragement Challenge Winners

Never fear change, embrace it because whether the change is good or bad out of everything bad comes something amazing. Also, embrace the good and the bad everyday because life is all about ups and downs and everyday is a blessing and a new experience.

Cindy S. | North Bergen, New Jersey

Ride the wave. Life comes in waves sometimes your high and sometimes your low but the glory of it all is you will survive. Hold your head up high, buckle your life jacket, and continue to ride that wave. You Got This!!!

Chrislina M. | Suitland-Silver Hill, Maryland

Don't give up. Be thankful for open doors and closed ones. Don't compare your Chapter 5 to their Chapter 15. We're all traveling the same road but just using different forms of transportation.

Elaine M C. | Hampton, Virginia

Words of encouragement from others participants:

Don’t give up. Things may seem like they will never get better, but it’s always darkest before the dawn. Keep going. - Deanna A., Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Embrace it! Every single challenging, confusing, or extremely difficult time in life is presented to you in order to prepare you for something magnificent! The rainbow comes after the storm. - Leila B., Denver, Colorado

Anything worth happens takes work, dedication, and drive. The end results are always worth the blood, sweat, and tears you put in to achieve your goals. - Deanna, Saint Paul, Minnesota 

Be steadfast and unmovable in the things of the almighty God. Keep your eyes on God and watch how you come out on top. No matter the obstacles. - Patrice D. J., New Orleans, Louisiana

After the storm beautiful rainbows will appear - Anamarie, Goodyear, Arizona

You can’t build strength without a little heavy lifting. Storms and tribulations will come; but you will out on the other side stronger and better than ever. - LaTonya R., Port Wentworth, Georgia

Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That’s your heartbeat love, keep going. You got this! - Jenna

Just breathe everything will be ok things are constantly evolving nothing lasts. You are going to be ok baby girl give yourself patience and time to be comfortable where you are! You are not alone in these feelings for we all at one time or another are anxious about the unknown. - Roschelle B., Hemet, California

Silver-lining - Victoria F., Seattle, Washington

Remind yourself everyday what you are greatful for. - Allison, Conway, South Carolina 

God will give you the change in your life to conform you into who he needs you to be. Trust the process, trust the Lord and know that he will see you through. When you wake up ask yourself, are you alive? Are you ok? Then he got you through. - Erika O., Fresno, California

P.U.S.H = pray until something happens - Melissa H., Frederick, Maryland

Breath. Just breath, take a moment to ground yourself and remember this is just a moment. And that it is just part of our journey. - Linda L., Oswego, Illinois

To live life, one day at a time ! Change can be scary but also exciting at the same time! Be open to what God has in store for you - Joanne B., Cleveland, Ohio

Without the challenges that accompany change, we would never know the beauty of transformation. If a caterpillar refused to change, we would never see beautiful butterflies - LaKeesha S., Brook Park, Ohio

FAITH - Vannessa J., Apple Valley, California

Never give up ... - Margo D. A., Lakewood, California

Embrace change! If you are comfortable then you’re not growing. Get excited that you are learning new things. We are made of love, not fear. - Brandi Y., Haughton, Louisiana

My word of encouragement is to never give up. Always keep trying. Once you give up on trying you have definitely failed. There is no hope in not trying. - Leslie M., Brooklyn, New York

Life is full of changes and some maybe positive or negative. Grasp those changes and hang on, hold your head up high and gracefully move forward and accept these changes as life’s valuable lessons. - Carol W., Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Life isn’t always easy it’s sometimes painful hurtful and almost too difficult to bare but a diamond has to shed its ugly coating in order to become a dazzling piece of pristine beauty - Edward A., Springfield, Massachusetts

It will get better if you just wait. - Jessica T., Mount Sterling, Kentucky

The one thing about change is that it doesn't last forever, so you better enjoy the ride and Take advantage of every opportunity. - Lora C., Scotch Plains, New Jeresy 

You must bury a seed before it can grow. - Shanah Z., Colorado Springs, Colorado

Life can be unpredictable and obstacles may come your way. Always remember to keep the faith and keep pushing. Love yourself, mind body and soul. Be persistent and don’t ever give up. Make everyday count and meaningful. - Ronette S., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Life changes are inevitable. The Message Bible says, “We can see sure that every detail in our lives of love with God is worked for something good. When we focus on the good, we will begin to see what God is preparing as a result of the change. - Glendora W., Jackson, Mississippi

Faith. Life takes us in many directions in life. When that happens your faith comes into play. It's shows your strength to be strong. Keep going through the journey. It's only temporary. - Janet P., Tampa, Florida

Courageous - Mary C., Dalhart , Texas

I would tell them to never give up. There is no such thing as an ending. Just a new beginning. - Mabel A., Kenosha, Wisconsin

Accept what is, let go of what was, and just believe in what will be. - Montressa W., Belleville,Illinois

No matter what challenges you are going through you have it in you to get through it. Don’t let anything stand in you way. Keep your head up and take it one day at a time. - Autumn R., Shelby, Montana 

I have survived both breast & lung cancer. There is great life after cancer & true friends. Chin up, stay strong & thrive!💜- Ruthanne T., Otis, Oregon

Stay strong & keep pushing forward! Even though things may be tough now & you're feeling like it's too difficult to move on, it will get better. Life throws us challenges to see how truly strong we are! You got this!! - Nicole C., Attleboro, Massachusetts

If your on a mission to complete a goal and it’s taking you a little long then expected, don’t be discouraged. Keep trying to achieve your mission, envision that humble yet exciting feeling when you accomplish this goal. And most importantly, enjoy and appreciate your accomplishment freely so that it may give you hope and strength to succeed in many more to come. - Ashlee L., Auburn, Washington 

Faith - Peggy S., Port St. Lucie, Florida

Just breathe... Whether you’re going through an amazing change or a difficult change, just breathe. Life is a journey, not a sprint. So take it all in, whatever your change may be. Just remember that humans are strong, we can endure whatever comes our way! - Tilisa P., Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 

In then middle of every difficulty lies opportunity - Francis E., Long Beach, California

Believe in yourself , no one knows you better than you......trust that what ever you put your mind on is going to be the best of you, sometime starting something is a challenge, but so is life and we live it every day, taking chances is beautiful , the results are greater, put your best foot forward, don’t look back, for its forgotten is the future is what you’re looking forward to, The present is making it happen , you are wonderful , smart, and willing , done stop now, don’t be surprise of what you can do, It’s a gift...Good Luck on your awesome Journey. - Diana C., Ozone Park, New York

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Have faith and carry on as you won’t be disappointed. - Ashi M., Peterborough , United Kingdom

Faith - Robbet T., Hammond, Indiana

Hey my friend change is not always bad. And I know because of the wonderful and strong person you are, you will embrace this change and Conquer it as you have done so many other things in the past. Never look at the glass being half empty but always half full. - Jewel W., Rock Hill, South Carolina

Breathe and keep putting one foot in front of the other, the land may feel uncertain but when you feel ready look up and you will see you are right where you are meant to be - Kerry V., Kinglassie, United Kingdom

In the words of A.A. Milne, “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Keep moving forward. There are people who look up to you and count on you. Be present for them and yourself. - Kari S., Houston, Texas

You control your destiny - Angehl C., Hamden, Connecticut

Be bold! Embrace who you are in every moment. Share you experience for your benefit and others. - KB M., Wichita, Kansas

Life is full of challenges. You can always find encouragement in small things each day. Whether in be from a smile from a stranger,the change of the weather, or a simple act of kindness. You never know how your actions can affect another persons life. - Ginger H., Cumming, Georgia

Be positive and stay strong. Someone out there loves you and that’s worth living for. Your beauty and confidence will take you anywhere. - Joanna D'A., Holbrook, New York

Let your faith be stronger than your fear. - Kathy A B., Spotswood, New Jersey

The Sun will come out tomorow!! - Betty P., Keystone Heights, Florida

After every dark night come a brighter day. - Nicole M., Aurora, Colorado

The only time we ever really have is now! The only purpose for time is to forgive ourselves and others. This is true freedom! - Adele B., Bayville, New York

This is only one phase, one chapter in a long book called life - Lia G., Macedonia, Ohio

Take time for yourself, breathe and go for it 100%. My favorite quote... “What if I fall? Oh my dear, but what if you fly!” - Raina M., Milton Freewater, Oregon

Your worthy of Life! - LaToy C-C., Savannah, Georgia

Never give up on life - Phouangmala V., Bridgeport, Connecticut 

Don’t let life’s circumstances BOX you in..be brave and step out of the box! - Cecelia P., Tupelo, Mississippi 

As long as there is breath in your body, there is HOPE... Remain strong and CARRY ON! - Etrina T., Richton Park

Life is full of changes. When one door closes, another one opens. Always consider how could you make today benefit you. - Valerie P., Soledad, California

I have found that the faster you can slow down the better life gets. Changes are always going to be in your life so take them as they come. Deal with the present changes not the past ones and don't let them take you over. Get rid of them so they don't get to big or out of hand. Remember the old saying "Stop and smell the roses". I have done this and it helps you feel lighter and brighter. You know if you do and think about your problems you can deal better with them. Enjoy the best things in life and let the rest go. - June J., New Providence, Pennsylvania

May you joy in the Lord and he be your strength! - Tracy C., Vineland, New Jersey

Embrace the change that is presenting itself to you. Change isn’t always what we consider comfortable but there is much to learn and grow from it. When you step out the other side you will be bolder, stronger, changed for the better! - Jen B., Mission Viejo, California

When changes happen, it is a sign of life's different pathways. If this is a change that makes you unhappy then you must do what you can to fix it or you can realize that this is a learning moment and carry it with you. - Vickie N., Henry, Illinois

Blessed - Kim B., Lake Mary, Florida

Trust in God - Pat D., Paducah, Kentucky

Change is good, so embrace it, enjoy it, and allow it to bring you into your destiny. - Aisha T., Mobile, Alabama

Nothing is promised. Adapting to change is our only option. For creatures of habit this is hard. But our only option is to persevere. - Carol H., Winchester, California 

FAITH - Mary C., Spanaway, Washington

Whatever the season of life you are going through is temporary. It is a season. Maybe good or maybe not so good. If it is a not so good season then know it will be over soon however use this time as an opportunity of growth and strength. We are stronger then we think and when it's over and you made it through without giving up, then you will be able to help someone else make it through their season. God bless! - Melissa D., Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Never stop. Even if you feel defeated and in your spirit you nothing’s changing, trust me it is changing. We get so locked in not seeing the change that’s it’s right in front of you. This is my truth. God Bless anyone who will read this - NeQuisha, Van Nuys, California 

Happiness comes from within not from anyone else. - Tiffanie W., Detroit, Michigan

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