Encouragement Challenge - Dear Love

Encouragement Challenge Dear Love Giveaway

Sure, roses and chocolate are nice – but a conversation is even sweeter! 

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, our giveaway theme is to show yourself the unconditional love you deserve. Let's lean in together and take care of the internal dialogue - after all, we all must have a loving relationship with ourselves first!


Simply leave a love note to yourself in the comment below. Start the note with "Dear Self," 


—One Rose Gold Edition Red Pen 
—One Queen Pen
—One Diamond Glam Rock Pen
—One Crystal Gel Pen

*Giveaway now closed*
We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to the Dear Self Encouragement. You all have your own battles to fight but have continued to show up for yourself and others. We hope that through these notes, others can find help, love, and words of encouragement too.

Congratulations to our two winners: Elaine M. Prioleau (Calloway) and Brandy Bierut!

If you need words of encouragement today, we invite you to read the other love notes in the comment below. The Giveaway may be over, but it's not too late to grab the Red-y to Glow Pen Set for 50% off here.

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  • Note to self…..YOU CAN DO THIS! Your just as smart as the next guy. You’ve come so far. Age is just a number. Keep studying hard and you will reach your goal and finally be happy at your new position. Have FAITH!!!

    Donna Davids
  • Dear Self, Remember to love yourself as much as you love others. You are Youniquely you. Embrace all that you are and all you are going to be. You got this girl. Move forward and do much with love, kindness and all of your heart.

    Marisa Duran
  • Dear Self, Make time for the important things! Put your loved ones at the top of your list, not where you can just squeeze them in. Love on your littles while they are still little! Everything else can wait.

    Windy Spring Gatchell
  • Dear self, always find the love in everyone you meet and bring it out into the open. The world needs love and happiness!

    Carmen Montgomery
  • Note to Self: LIVE like there’s no tomorrow, DANCE as if nobody is watching, LAUGH like no one is listening….YOU ARE ENOUGH

    Brooklynn Adams
  • Dear self,

    Give yourself credit. Continue to pray often, meditate daily and check off every single thing that gets you closer to achieving your goal. Know they no matter how many ppl may share your similar talent no one can do what it is that you do. Your existence is absolutely fundamental to this universe!!!

    Katrina Washington

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