Encouragement Challenge - Dear Love

Encouragement Challenge Dear Love Giveaway

Sure, roses and chocolate are nice – but a conversation is even sweeter! 

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, our giveaway theme is to show yourself the unconditional love you deserve. Let's lean in together and take care of the internal dialogue - after all, we all must have a loving relationship with ourselves first!


Simply leave a love note to yourself in the comment below. Start the note with "Dear Self," 


—One Rose Gold Edition Red Pen 
—One Queen Pen
—One Diamond Glam Rock Pen
—One Crystal Gel Pen

*Giveaway now closed*
We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to the Dear Self Encouragement. You all have your own battles to fight but have continued to show up for yourself and others. We hope that through these notes, others can find help, love, and words of encouragement too.

Congratulations to our two winners: Elaine M. Prioleau (Calloway) and Brandy Bierut!

If you need words of encouragement today, we invite you to read the other love notes in the comment below. The Giveaway may be over, but it's not too late to grab the Red-y to Glow Pen Set for 50% off here.

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  • Dear self,

    Living with a mental illness is hard. I am amazed with how strong you are even when dealing daily. When others would have gave up, you keep going because you know trouble don’t last always. God got you girl.

    Raenett Anderson
  • Dear self,

    I love how creative and determined you are. Your creativity will take you to great places. Just keep going and don’t give up.

    Deanna R Anderson
  • Dear Self,
    Be great at everything you do!

    Kimberly Smith
  • Dear Self,
    It’s been a long time since you soared from the fiery depths and phoenixed. It is the fire in your eyes that reveals you can do this!
    Spoil yourself some and embrace the fun.
    Learn to love yourself because you are worth it!!

    Jennifer Barnes
  • Dear Self,
    I love you. You have come a long way and oversome many obstacles. When the doctors said no, you looked up and said with God I shall make a come back. You are living you best life and I am happy for you. Continue to remain humble, smile and sing your song. Hugs, prayers, lipgloss and your diamond pen…you are ready!🤗🤗

    Simone Alakee
  • Dear Self
    This Valentine’s Day your mission should you choose to accept is: Love on as many people as you can. All kinds of humans need love. Especially now.

    Deborah S Chaves

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