Encouragement Challenge Giveaway 2 Winners

A head full of fears has no space for dreams.

This month, we are daring you to shine a light on your fears with a dose of love. If you make fear your enemy, you will always be in a battle with it. Let's invite your fears in for coffee and make peace with it!


— Write an open goodbye letter to your fears in the comment below.
— Start the letter with "Dear Fear".


 One Rose Gold Diamond Pen in Light Lilac
 One Rose Gold Diamond Pen in Matte Silver
 One Her Majesty Pen in Dusty Pink

*Giveaway now closed*
We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to the Goodbye Fear Encouragement. You all have your own battles to fight but have continued to show up for yourself and others. We hope that through these notes, others can find help, love, and words of encouragement too.

Congratulations to our two winners: Wendy Hand & Sherry Kirkland!

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  • Dear Fear:

    I sit here now struggling to say goodbye. Because my goodbye means forgiveness to a man who ruined my life and my children’s lives. But in order for me to let go of my fear I must forgive all that was done to us. I forgive you for breaking into my home and brutally assaulting me, breaking my back, causing crushed disc pinching nerves, broken ribs, arm broken in 7 places, skull fracture and more. Why me? I forgive you for coming back into my home as my home healthcare aide during recovery (I never recognized your face and you never spoke during the attack) poisoning me with drugs numerous times but always saving me at the last minute to look like a hero. Why? I forgive you for convincing me I needed full-time care and a live-in aide, bc my health was deteriorating (even though my doctors could find nothing wrong) but only when you were around. I’m sorry you attacked me with a knife when you tried to rape me and when I wasn’t actually sleeping but thinking of all the red flags I began to notice, I had 911 already dialed on my phone waiting to hit send on my nightstand. I also had my own weapon, a baseball bat. I’m sorry I hit you so hard. Hard enough that you stayed out til the cops came. It was when you came so close and I could really smell you animal scent I knew who you were. Why? I’m sorry I recognized you. I had to have 7 surgeries on my back after the 1st surgery my spine’s dural later ruptured causing me to have a massive Cerebral Spinal Fluid (the fluid around your brain) leak. I ended up in the Neuro-ICU for 6months. I had over 10 surgeries on my arm to fix the damage you caused. My home was foreclosed on, my vehicle was repossessed, once I got out of the hospital my children and I were homeless for a long long time. Now we are sleeping on the sofa, loveseat and in the floor at the home of family. But they don’t want us there bc you got off on probation for two counts of attempted murder, multiple counts of assault, 4 counts of kidnapping and burglary, not to mention rape. But because your “daddy” is a wealthy powerful man with connections you got off. They are afraid you will hunt me down and finish the job. We are still technically homeless with nowhere to go, if they decide we can’t stay it’s back on the streets. But guess what I have looked over my shoulder for the last damn time. I’m tired of living my life revolving around you and what if’s, I’m tired of constant nightmares and panic attacks. I’m tired of feeling like I’m not in control of my own life. I will always have the excruciating heartbreaking pain that never goes away to remind to watch for 🚩. I will never be able to work again and at such a young age, coming from a single Mom who often worked a F/T job and at least 1 if not 2 other jobs at the same time, it’s a very hard fact to swallow. I want to take control of my fear and let it go and the only way I can do that is to forgive you. I may never know Why? Why me? But at this point it doesn’t matter! Good bye YOU and Good Riddance!!! Goodbye Fear!

    Wendy Hand
  • Dear Fear,

    We’ve been together for a long time but I have to let you go now. Goodbye fear of failure. Goodbye fear of what will people think of me. Goodbye fear of not being successful. Goodbye fear of flying on an airplane and sailing on a ship. Goodbye fear of animals. Goodbye fear of being alone. Goodbye fear of my past mistakes. Now that I’ve let go of all that baggage, my future is open to endless possibilities and greater happiness. Thank you God for a life without fear and new beginnings.

    LaTonya Roundtree
  • Dear Fear,

    I am so glad to say that I am finally kicking you to the curve because if I allow “YOU” to take over my life you are causing much anxiety, grief, despair, total anguish, and total control which means I won’t be able to deal with anything in my life. This is not acceptable because I am so much stronger, wiser, and change is necessary in order for me to prosper and receive all the fulfillment I deserve in my life. I am not afraid anymore to handle any issues that come my way and I can soar like a eagle to accept all challenges at my job because it is so stressful but I know the triggers so I just say my prayers and look at 3 daily quotes I have chosen to get me through. We don’t always know fear when it comes in our life but always remember life is a test and sometimes you just have to take a walk to clear your mind, regroup, and become free of everything and get back in the game and keep moving forward.

  • Dear Fear,

    We have had this binding relationship for far too long. You were always there for me and you never let me down. Every time I wanted to do something too risky or too exciting, you were right there, pulling me back into my comfort zone. For many years, I have depended on you to keep me safe, but it was at the risk of me, stunting my own growth.

    You kept me in a place where I didn’t have to worry about anything. A place where everything was familiar and easy. But now I want you to know that I see you, for exactly who you are. I know that you never meant me any good And I can see clearly that your goal was to keep me from finding out how great I can really be. So Fear, I rebuke you and all your friends, insecurity, doubt, anxiety, depression and regret. You are no longer a part of my life.

    I need you to know that I am moving forward with my life as if you never existed. I will not consider you as I make decisions for my life and your opinion does not matter. To put it plainly, you are not welcome here anymore.

    So Fear, all I have left to say is goodbye and good riddance. I have claimed you as my own for far too long and now I am letting you go. I have a life to live and greatness to achieve and I know that I cannot do it with you. It’s over!

    Sincerely Sherry

    sherry kirkland
  • Dear Fear
    Today I while ask God to help me let go of my fears.
    I will listen to my healthy rational fears and will relinquish all the others

    Marjorie pressler
  • Dear Fear,
    There was a time when you had control over my happy. But as my God had shown me, you have no place in my heart and my happy. So I am proud to say Get To Stepping!!

    Sheila Legette

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