DIY Time Capsule Kit For All The Women In Your Life

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them.” We believe in celebrating women every day. And what better way to celebrate a grandmother, mother, coworker, aunt, wife or sister than with a little DIY time capsule box. We love that the time capsule is a great self-reflection tool, as well as capturing your current wisdom and memories. 

Her Majesty Pen / Queen Pen

There are 3 parts to this time capsule.


We have created a list of questions for the person receiving the Time Capsule to answer. You just have to copy and paste the questions onto a word document or handwritten it on cardstocks. They can answer these questions in the form of a letter or point form on the back of the cardstock. 

  • My favorite moment of 2018 
  • The character trait that I grew most in 2018 
  • A valuable lesson I learned and don’t want to forget
  • I will never forget the time when _______________.
  • My favorite comfort food is _______________.
  • Something I chose to quit _______________.
  • My favorite song and book 
  • A typical day in my life looks like:
  • Best way to spend a free day
  • I cringe at _______________.
  • My favorite Bible verse, Quote, Word
  • What makes me laugh the hardest
  • I slowed down so I could _______________.
  • I hustled to _______________.
  • Something I realized about myself
  • I’m glad I invested time in _______________.
  • Someone I had to forgive
  • I’m most proud of myself for:


If they have a significant other, you can include these questions in the capsule:

  • Name something you hope to accomplish with your significant other between now and opening this in 5 or 7 years
  • Write a message for your significant other to read in 5 or 7 years
  • What’s your favorite inside joke between you and your significant other?

Glitterfall Pen


Ask them to leave some fun miscellaneous items that they might want to revisit in 5 or 7 years! Here are some suggestions: 

  • Receipts / Bills from your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, or stores
  • Dried flowers, leaves, or rocks from your favorite park or daily walks. 
  • Photos!
  • A print out of your social media account: Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Perhaps a Diamond Pen

Queen Pen


Ask them to write a letter to their future self. They can begin the letter by giving thanks to themselves. 


Lock it up, and set a date to open the time capsule sometime in the future. 

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