DIY Message In A Bottle

For those who don't know, my sister & co-founder of Alleymuse is getting married next month. I wanted to give her something unforgettable, pretty, and practical as a keepsake. I thought I would share this idea for anyone who is looking for an easy DIY gift. 

 What you'll need
  • Cork Jar
  • Skeleton Keys
  • Sewing Thread
  • Sewing Needle (thick one) & Plier
  • Decorative Fillers
  • Mini cards + envelopes
  • Washi Tape
  • Alleymuse Pens to write your wishes, advice, or encouragement for your loved one!
Step 1: Hanging the key(s)

Put a thread through the keyhole and tie a knot.

Then thread a long, thick needle through the cork. You might need to use a plier to pull the needle through. Once it is through the cork, tie a knot. 

Style as many keys as you want and hang them at a different height. 

Step 2: Fill the jar

I used purple decorative vase fillers as seen in the photos. 

Other suggestions: dried lavender, glitter, pearls, seashells and rocks.

Step 3: Write a message & drop it in the jar 

Initially, I wanted the note to be made into a scroll and have a gold thread tied around it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the best paper to roll it up without wrinkling it, nor keep the pen ink from bleeding through the paper! If anyone knows a paper material that would work for next time, leave a comment for me.

I decided to go with mini cards along with a gold foil washi tape to seal the envelopes! 

 Other suggestion: instant Polaroid photos

Be sure to tag us @alleymuse or #alleymuse so we can see your mason jar style!

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