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You loved me before the foundation of the world - John 17:24

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I find myself wrapped in a blanket of God's love just by reading this verse. If my younger self would have known that there is a God who loved me before the foundation of the world (John 17:24), I wouldn't have chased and tried to seek approval from the popular crowds. 

The foundation of the world is built on so many layers of insecurities and false appearances: outdoing each other rather than empowering one another, making fun of people to bond together, and the list goes on. 

And I pray for the next generation of kids that are sitting alone in the lunchroom today, that they know there's real love and life before ALL OF THIS. 

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  • Words of Wisdom is Sweeter than a Honeycomb…

    Yolanda Holloway
  • beautiful ❤️

    Ikeysha Rogers
  • Loved it. Keep them coming. I couldn’t save the picture but the thought has been placed in my heart and mine.

    Rodney Jay's

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