9 Things I learned in 2018

Instead of recapping on 9 photos, I'm going to recap on 9 things I learned in this incredible year:

1. The magic really happens when you expand your comfort zone regularly.

2. Let go of those who bring you down and surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you. These people will fight for you.

3. The right vision with the wrong people is irrelevant.

4. But also learn how to forgive so you can heal

5. Have that ‘peace’ when you make a decision.

6. When you feel poor, you don’t pour because you hold on to what you have. Keep serving, keep giving, and keep pouring out your ego, pride, and opinion. You’ll feel 100x better.

7. Your body is the most expensive thing. Fall in love with taking care of it.

8. Drop any attachment to any outcome so you can learn to be friends with your problems.

9. Faith is risk ❤️ 

Thankful for our community! 

With gratitude, 


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